About Us


KULCHAN is a software development company based on Kathmandu, Nepal. With our founder members each having more than 7 + years expertise in their own domain mobile, web, design, and business development, we have highly motivated team of skilled and professional technical experts delivering solutions of any complexity worldwide. We keep our customer satisfaction at top priority because we know their satisfaction and referral is a base of our business growth.

What is our purpose, vision and mission?

Our purpose is to make society a better place to live by enabling technology. Our vision is to adopt technology to make life easier and more productive . And our mission for each day is to keep on building product that are aligned with our vision and purpose.

Who is Our Customer?

Our customer base includes individuals, business houses or Software Company looking for outsourcing their work. Our clients as individual or business houses have common sense that they need to access professionals and accessible solutions in order to maximize their business goals, revenue streams and streamline business operations. Our software company clients have understanding that they are looking for professional and reliable team able to deliver in time. We provide top quality work at most affordable price in the entire globe because we live in a beautiful country called NEPAL yet cheapest place required for livelihood.

What we know about your business?

We know much about any business as we have worked in variety of domains. However, we think our client knows best about their business than anyone in this world. Our team have worked in variety of domains including education, health, transportation, tourism, sports, hotel, shopping malls, restaurants, NGOs, INGOs etc. So, we can help you by enabling technology in your current business procedure to make it more efficient to generate more revenue regardless whichever domain your business falls into. However, each business is unique and we know our client knows better than us about their business. So, we suggest but ultimately we build the technology that our client likes to install in their current business environment.

What is important for us?

It is important for us

  • To have win/win situations
  • To contribute for better society
  • To be team player
  • To be optimistic

We seek to have win/win situations. While making business decision, we see if the situations is win/win or not. We believe that in any deal, our client should win. But, it is equally important for us to win too. If our client lose, they are not going to work longer with us. And if we lose, it will not motive us to work either and quality of work degrades. However, in the case of project for charity purpose, we are ready to lose for we will be contributing for good work.

We love to contribute for better society through work we do. Though, software development is our business, this does not mean we simply accept to do any kind of job we are asked to do. We believe the solution we give to your business must ultimately do well for you, your customer and finally contribute to make society we live a better place to live in.

We encourage our team members to be team player rather than individual hero. You may be smartest people in the earth but it still does not impress us. This is because we know even the monkey is smart. The only reason we do not hire them is they cannot work with us as a team. We think 1 + 1 = 11, not 2.

It is mandatory to be optimistic to work with us. When we success, we celebrate it to keep motivating us. But, when we fail, we still cheer up because at least we learn why it does not work. we believe in continuous learning process.

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